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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Weekly update: One bite at a time and September stash report

"How do you eat an elephant?"
"One bite at a time!"
That's my approach to quilting the t-shirt quilt.  The first bite was piecing the backing (photo to come).  The second bite was basting it. (I used almost all the basting pins).  An 82 x 86 quilt sandwich is hefty!  The third bite was quilting all the t-shirt motifs.   I started in the center and quilted three motifs down, then went to the right and quilted three down, to the right again and three down. I turned it over and, from the bottom center did the three columns. Then I rerolled the quilt sandwich and, sideways, quilted the motifs in each corner.   That took Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

This evening (Sunday) I will quilt the sashing. I may get started on the border.

The week to come is busy -- I'm out MTWTh evenings and have daytime meetings T and F -- but I am determined to get this quilt finished this week!

Meanwhile, here are sixteen basket blocks for a group quilt I'm participating in.

And here are nine Dresden plates for the October Block Lotto. (I re-read the instructions. The wedges are supposed to be light-dark-light-dark so I will need to make five more with the correct orientation.)

As for the stash report?
I indulged in September. Oh, wow, did I ever!
September fabric in: 56-1/4 yards, $371 ($6.22/yd)
Fabric out: 14-1/2
YTD fabric in: 345-1/4, $1338 ($3.88/yd)
Fabric out: 215-3/8 
I'll blame that on free shipping -- I placed two orders with  They provide free shipping for orders over $50.  Go broke saving money . . . but I did get both the fabric I needed and some that I really liked.

C&T offered free shipping for orders over $50 with their warehouse sale.  I took advantage of that.
Most of these books were $5.00. A couple were more and a couple were less.

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  1. Whoohoo, you're quilting up a storm there, girl! Looking good! The blocks are very pretty, both the baskets and the sunflowers.

  2. T shirt quilts are hefty! But it sounds like you almost have it tackled. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap! Love those basket blocks :)

  3. you go on that t shirt quilt. I always wanted to make one but I have cold feet in starting it.

  4. Sounds like you are close to finishing the t-shirt quilt. That has to be a monster to wrangle under the machine. I've got one and it's heavy (I had mine quilted). Hope you can find some time to stitch during your busy week.

  5. That sounds like an armful of quilting- i like the basket blocks are the handles pieced or appliqued?

    1. The handles are appliqued. I tried two methods: a bias strip and a template. The template was easier. The photo shows one basket with the bias strip and fifteen with the template.

  6. Something I have never made, nor have a desire to, is a t-shirt quilt! Wow, the glimpse of the backing-- looks fantastic!

  7. The dresden blocks are so cute. I see a turkey in front of those dresden! Yea for making progress on quilting the t-shirt quilt. I agree the backing is beautiful fabric.

  8. Your basket blocks are gorgeous! I absolutely love them! Can you direct me to the pattern? Simply stunning!


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