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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekly update: a new project

I was in the mood to start a new project last week.  Should I look through books or magazines for a pattern?  Cut up some scraps? Make a stack of nine-patches?  Open up the orphan blocks box?

Instead I looked at the weekly quilting linkups.  Surely you've had this experience:  you click on one thumbnail photo in a blog linkup and you meet another quiltmaker. She links to her quilting blog pals and a half hour later you've made six comments and gotten three new design ideas.  

Design (c) Tisha Nagel
That's how I found Tisha's Quilty Therapy and the announcement of the Charming Plus Quilt-along.  Click here to see it.  Perfect!  Scrappy black/white with bright. And easy.

Tisha has divided the quilt-along into four weeks -- choosing fabrics, cutting fabrics, piecing blocks, assembling the top.  I don't want to take that long. I pulled a stack of black/white FQs and some brights.

I made a few blocks in the stated size (6" fin.) and put them on the design wall.   Hmmm.  What if I made a smaller size? What if I made a larger size?
I made some 3" and 9" blocks.

Here is the work-in-progress.  I'm aiming for 54" x 60". I need to balance the colors and the block sizes.  I'm having fun!

Thanks for your kind words, prayers, and healing thoughts for my husband.  Last Tuesday he was released from the hospital to rehab where he is not happy.  I hope he can be released this week to continue as an outpatient.  

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  1. I love the look of your blocks so far. Such great news about your husband ... Even if he isn't happy to be in rehab and not yet home, it definitely sounds like progress.

  2. That is a fun and unique plus quilt! I like the bright pluses, low volume backgrounds, and different sizes of blocks. I hope your husband makes good progress this week, and you find time to de-stress with some sewing!

  3. I love the different size blocks! I have my fabric cut and have started sewing a few blocks. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  4. I always like all the plus quilts I see everyone make, but I especially like yours. The different size blocks add so much interest. This is going to be a fun finish! (Good news about your hubby - I hope he gets to come home soon!)

  5. Your idea of different size blocks is a big "plus" to this quilt idea! I like the plus quilts I've seen but yours is extra special!
    Good news about your husband. The fact that he feels well enough to leave rehab is a good sign that he is well on his way.
    Ellie Lively

  6. Your quilt is so much more interesting than the inspiration quilt.

  7. I love the look of your blocks so far - much more interesting than if they were all the same size. Fingers crossed your husband is home as soon as possible.

  8. I saw that quilt along too, probably getting there the same way you did. Ok, it's time to back away from the yellow now. Or maybe they need to be moved around more. It's looking great though. Good news on hubby. Hope you hear even more good news soon.

  9. Your right. One good blog leads to another. I always look forward to seeing your projects in progress.

  10. love love love the colors and the mix of block sizes...another beauty nann!

  11. I like what you have started!!! Fingers crossed that your husband gets home soon!

  12. visiting from Oh Scrap link up. I love all cross or plus quilts. THis design is fantastic and I really like the different sized blocks.

  13. The Plus blocks are so varied and bright and I hope that they seem to soothe you as you sew them. Still sending prayers for your dear hubby's wellness.

  14. Hi Nann, love the use of the smaller plus size blocks. Can't wait to see your finished version. Hope your husband is doing better.


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