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Monday, July 4, 2016

Weekly Update: June stash report and a new project

We had a wonderful time in northern Wisconsin. I'm working on the travelog and hope to post it this evening.

I went to three quilt shops:  Orchard's Edge in Bayfield,  Ashland Area Fabric and Quilt Company in Ashland, and Fabric Patch in Ironwood.  I'm not doing Row by Row so I didn't even inquire about patterns or fabrics for that, but I did get fabric that I liked.

Vacation acquisitions and not sewing for two weeks didn't help my stash reduction.  Here's the six-month summary.

Stash report, June:
Fabric acquired: 40-1/2, $132
Fabric used: 11-1/8
Fabric acquired: 202-1/2, $831
Fabric used: 100-3/8
. . . and I started July with more fabric in:  Goodwill bargains and a great Joann's sale. . . 

However, there is progress!  I had a shoebox with 1.5" x 7" strips cut in anticipation of a quilt like this one, which I've made twice. Hmmm. What if I just set them rail-fence style?  Nicely scrappy, but not exciting. 

  What about sashing?  Ah-ha!  I have a box of 2.5" HSTs, perfect for this project. 

P.S.  This Ocean Waves variation is on a bed at the Eagle Bluff lighthouse in Door County. I couldn't make out the block pattern of the the quilt on the trundle bed. 

Happy Independence Day!

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  1. That is a great addition of the triangles for sashing.

  2. oh nann...that's perfect! glad you had a good turned ho-hum into huzzah!

  3. Welcome back! good looking design work and thanks for sharing it here.


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