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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Throwback Thursday (delayed)

(I was sure I'd remember to post this on time, but when I checked my old Day-Timers calendars (yes, I save them) I found out I remembered a week late.) 

Twenty-five years ago last week: the second White House Conference on Library and Information Services was held in Washington, DC, from July 9-13. I was one of the "library professional" delegates. It was event-filled, exciting, and energizing. It was an introduction (for me) to federal bureaucracy and politics, as well as the power of advocacy. I was elected (or did I volunteer?) to the WHCLIS Taskforce which provided a wealth of experience and many friends. 

(Note the logo: going from books to floppy discs) 

The delegates' totebags had the same logo as the button. I have the totebag, too. I was the co-chair of the 1992 WHCLIST (=taskforce) conference  and later edited the WHCLIST quarterly newsletter.  Annual conferences were held until about 2001. I went to many (Washington, DC three times; Indianapolis; Santa Clara, CA; Charleston; Little Rock.)   I gave the filebox with planning and program documents as well as the 1991 delegate binder to the ALA Archives at the University of Illinois. 

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