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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The last of the vanilla

The Katschkowsky family lived across the street from our family. Judy and Dick were a few years younger than my parents and their two daughters were a few years younger than my sister and me.  My mother had their house key and kept an eye on their house when Judy and Dick spent the winter months in south Texas.

Judy gave Mother a bottle of Mexican vanilla as a thank you gift one year.
Mother kept it, unopened, under the kitchen sink. (I'm sure she had a little bottle of vanilla extract with the spices.)  After her death I claimed the Mexican vanilla when my sister and I cleaned out the kitchen cupboards. That was in 2002.

I've kept the bottle in the refrigerator. It's taken fourteen years to use it up!
(I did that this morning when I made bacon-peanut butter blondies.)

On today's shopping list:  a stop at one of the now-ubiquitous Hispanic grocery stores to get another bottle of Danncy vanilla! I went to three Hispanic supermarkets. Each one had Centrella (store-brand) vanilla extract. I'll need to order Danncy from Amazon. (Penzey's also has good vanilla.)   


  1. It takes me years to go through even a little bottle of vanilla. Maybe we should bake more ...

  2. Penzeys has great spices and etc. I go through a lot of vanilla as I make cookies every week or two. I've even made my own with vodka and a vanilla bean. Back to the long arm now. Enough goofing off.


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