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Sunday, April 10, 2016

DWM: table runner + three (!) finishes

This 16 x 48 table runner will be a door prize at the GFWC-IL convention next month.  The pattern is by Nancy Mirman, published in "A Place at the Table." I got the book about ten years ago because of this particular pattern--  high time to make it! (The book is available here.)

Speaking of GFWC, my vintage tablecloths were a hit at the Zion Woman's Club meeting on Tuesday.

Our guild meeting on Wednesday was a murder mystery dinner. "Mystery at Pieceful Lake" featured a cast of quilters on retreat. Betty Biche' was murdered in her bed! Who did it? Getta Dunn, Ima Procrastinator, Bitsey Pieces, Fulla Spectrum or one of the others?  The cast did a great job and we had fun solving the case.

The annual AAUW Fellows Luncheon was Saturday, a joint meeting of the Waukegan Area and Deerfield branches. Three of these women have AAUW doctoral grants ($20K) at University of Illinois-Chicago (biology), University of Chicago (ethnomusicology), religious studies (Northwestern). One has a Selected Professions Grant at the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern. They talked about their research and their career plans. It is wonderful to meet and hear from the recipients of our fundraising efforts.

The women are standing in front of Scrappy Pinwheels, the spring raffle quilt.  Ticket sales were $200.  We'll sell tickets and have the drawing at the AAUW-IL convention at the end of April

As for the finishes -- I quilted and bound the batik stars flimsy that I assembled in December.  The overall design is so busy that I just did overall curlicues.

Barb J. did a beautiful job quilting Twinkle Stars, which was another flimsy from December, and Midnight Stars, which I assembled in January. I bound and labeled both.

Midnight Stars back 
I used about 9-1/2 yards for the backing and binding of the three.

Twinkle and Midnight are my contributions to the ALA Biblioquilters silent auction at the ALA Annual Conference.

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Midnight Stars detail 


  1. I love both of your star quilts. The dark background really makes the stars sparkle.

  2. All of your quilts are lovely but I adore that twinkle stars quilt. I hope to make one of my own one day. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  3. Love the table runner and of course the tableclothes were a big hit! They are fabulous.
    You had a very busy week. Great finishes. The mystery dinner sounds fun.

  4. all beautiful Nann! I am drawn to the Batik Stars. Lots of colors/fabrics--YUM!

  5. I love the Batik Stars. Was it made from your birthday blocks from past years?

  6. Oh, I forgot to say I have a lot of vintage tablecloths and tea towels too. I was at a wedding last year where all the tablecloths were vintage and I wanted to go home with some of them but restrained myself!

  7. Beautiful finishes. Your Twinkle Stars quilt tuned out beautifully as did Midnight Stars. Both should do really well at the auction!

  8. Wow! What a busy week you had plus you got some quilts done. (I'm hoping you didn't get all those finishes done just this week. Cause if you did, I'd suspect you never sleep either!) I think Midnight Stars is my favorite but I really like Twinkle stars too.... I'm sure the quilts will help bring in a lot of money for the ALA Biblioquilters.


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