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Monday, February 1, 2016

OMG: February project

I joined Heidi's OMG challenge last month. I completed my stated goal. It didn't take long to determine my One Monthly Goal for February.

If you're a regular reader of my blog you know I have a collection of vintage textiles in addition to an enormous stash of quilting fabric and a somewhat huge stash of fashion fabric (which is turning vintage, considering that I rarely make garments these days).

Bandanas are one of the subcategories of my vintage stuff.  I haven't gone out of my way to acquire them but when I see them at a good price (.50 and under) I buy 'em.   Here is one of a number of websites with historical background about bandanas.

uncut yardage

quilt fabric w/ bandanna print
I turned to my bandana stash for the favors to give when the Magpies, my online quilting group, gather in Dallas next month for our biennial in-person meet-up. These will finish at 6 x 9 -- mug rug or small wallhanging.  I found a pattern for a pieced cowboy boot but that required too much fiddly piecing. I made a boot-shaped template for applique.  The magpie is adapted from a Pat Sloan pattern.  Each bandana yielded four boot shapes. I trimmed the centers to 9.5" to use for another project.

My February OMG is to complete the 17 mug rugs -- quilted, bound, labeled.  I made this sample for the blog post. I'll set up an assembly line to make the rest.

See what other OMG'ers have pledged at  Red Letter Quilts .

P.S. Here is the mug rug I made for the 2014 Piefest in Australia.
....and here are the scraps...


  1. I collect Bandanas for my DH. I was just admiring them as I folded laundry the other evening. Nice to see the OLD ones on the linked website. Have fun making the Cowboy Boot Mug Rugs.

  2. Those are darling Nann! I love them, the boot and that little black love love!

  3. I love these favors and so will those who receive them! The addition of the magpie makes them extra special, too. Well done!

  4. Ah!!! HOW CUTE!!! I love them!!

  5. That is so cute! And what a great use of your bandanas. Did that make much of a dent in the collection? Are there about 18 of you? Did you use wonder under or some sort of fabric adhesive?

    1. Heat 'n' Bond Lite. I don't have much success withe Wonder Under.

  6. Your bandana boot is so fun!!! What a great favor.

  7. Those will be so cute! What lucky quilt group members!

  8. Are you going to the Dallas quilt show? I live in the area.

  9. What a fun mug rug. Perfect for a Texas remembrance.


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