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Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday's vintage bargains

Leslie and Heather lay out the blocks
I spent the morning at Buttons and Bolts with four other women from our guild working on our 2016 raffle quilt. It's Judy Niemeyer's  Flowers for My Wedding Ring -- it will be beautiful, but, boy, it's a toughie.

There are two antiques malls en route to the quilt shop. I stopped at both of them on my way home.  Look what I got!

This Dresden Plate is 80 x 96, hand-quilted.

The Bonnet Girls were too cute to leave behind, despite the faded streak in the center. 72 x 80. Their skirts and bonnets are neckties. The green sashing is some kind of synthetic blend. (50% off the marked price--I paid $29.98!)

And these Vera placemats and napkins were a bargain, too.


  1. great finds! I love dresdans in any shape and form. and those Bonnet gals are so cute too.I have never tried the wedding ring though I have admired many of them.


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