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Monday, January 18, 2016

DWM: for the birds

"Birds in the Air" is the January Block Lotto selection.  Sophie plans to coordinate this year's lotto with Angela's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Here are my nine flocks of bluebirds.

I am making flying geese for the border of Postage Stamp Stars. Getting the borders attached is my entry for OMG (One Monthly Goal).   The geese are made with the four-at-a-time method so there are no cutaway corners. (Those make me feel guilty, whether I pitch them (wasteful!) or keep them (for years and years).)

The shoebox with 2" squares was getting full. I pulled out a handful and began using them as leaders-and-enders.  The nine-patches are 5" unfin / 4.5" fin.

I'm linking up with Monday Making
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  1. I agree with Sophie. That flying geese border is fantastic. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  2. I love the 4-at-a-time geese method, but I always have to look up the starting size of the squares. How big will your postage stamp stars be? It's so bright and colorful.

  3. Love the brights against the black for the border. And Birds in the Air will be a great scrap project.

  4. oooooohhhh i love the geese...can't wait to see THIS!

  5. oh boy, lucky winner for those block lotto blocks. I really like the variation you have in the blocks. And those geese, my goodness when I saw those stars they were headed for I thought OMG, I hope she gets it done cuz I really wanna see that one! beautiful.

  6. So much happy progress here makes it always fun to visit to see whatcha doin'! The cute little 9-patches have lots of appeal.

  7. Your geese have me tempted to play along this time!!!

  8. I wouldn't have known that block was called birds of the air. I've made a quilt with those blocks but just followed a paper pattern.

    1. Thanks, Marsha -- here's a historical post about the block.

  9. Your Postage Stamp Stars turned out beautifully and the flying geese border is going to be perfect with those stars. Good luck with OMG.


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