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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rabbit, rabbit! and November stash report and a flimsy

From Wikipedia:  " 'Rabbit rabbit rabbit' is one variant of a common British superstition which states that a person should say or repeat the word 'rabbit' or 'rabbits', or 'white rabbits' or some combination of these elements, out loud upon waking on the first day of the month, because doing so will ensure good luck for the duration of that month."

I first read "rabbit rabbit" circa 1965 in a Trixie Belden mystery.  For years (decades) I never remembered to say it.  Only in the last year or so have I done so. I can't say that my life is any luckier.  (An online quilting friend always warns against doing laundry on January 1 because whatever one does that day one will do every day the rest of the year.  Though I avoid doing laundry, my husband has been known to throw a load in the washer New Year's Day.) 

Here's my November stash report: 
Fabric acquired:  9-1/2 yds ($50.50)
Fabric used: 32-1/4 yards
Year-to-date acquired:  172-1/8 ($427.10)
Year-to-date used:  315-7/8
Net decrease: 143-3/4

The Twinkler blocks were on the design wall for a week and a half. I knew that if I took them down they'd be consigned to the box o' blocks, not to see the light of day for months.  I contemplated an on-point setting but rejected it because 
a.  I wanted to use as many of the 46 blocks as I could,
b.  9" blocks on point = 13.5" (big!),
c.  On-point would require setting triangles. I didn't have enough of any one black-on-black, nor do I have enough of a variety of black-on-black (for scrappy).
Instead I used a straight setting. I like the sparkly shoo-flies created by the cornerstones in the sashing. [Would a non-quilter be able to understand the jargon in that sentence?!]   The bright-stars-on-black border is cut from an 8-yard piece in my backings stash.   The flimsy is 72 x 82. The setting used 1-3/4 yards. A good start for December! 


  1. Looks like you found the perfect border fabric for those twinkle blocks! Love it!

  2. Quilters do speak a foreign language, don't we! The quilt is beautiful. I love the twinkle stars and plan to make some next year.

  3. i think the whole thing is sparkly.....sooo pretty nann!

  4. What a lovely quilt! And it does sparkle. Does it count when you go to bed at midnight and say, "Rabbit" before you go to sleep???

    1. I think you need to say it when you wake up.


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