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Sunday, August 16, 2015

DWM: weekend before vacation edition

I quilted and bound the music quilt.  Can anyone help with a name for it?  I am not at all happy with the quilting -- the meandering in the background is okay but the outline quilting in the bright parts wobbles pretty badly. I am counting on the colors and the design to appeal at the silent auction.

The backing is a thrift-shop cotton bed sheet.
I chose to make the lengthening contrast as an insert rather than adding it to the top or bottom.

Here are blocks for this month's Block Lotto. The triangles are made with the Tri-Recs set and are 4.5" high.

I thought I'd assemble some of the 1.5" postage stamp twosies/foursies that are the current leaders-and-enders.  These blocks are 9.5" unfinished.  The only color placement is light/dark.  I am not sure how many blocks I'll make or how I'll set them.

This has been a last-minute catch up week -- quilt guild, AAUW, and a couple of other projects as organizations get ready to reconvene after the summer hiatus.  I've been particularly pressed to get things in order because we leave on Wednesday for back-to-back Road Scholar programs in eastern Canada.  The drive is 1700 miles each way and we're opting to take the Canadian route.   My next post will be after Labor Day.

I'm linking up with  Judy's Patchwork Times .


  1. I'm terrible at names, so no help here. Nice quilt, tho. Hope you have a fantastic time on your trip!

  2. Safe travels! Have a wonderful trip and I'll look forward to your return after Labor Day.

  3. Perhaps your crowd would like the title to be, "Merry Melodies?" like we all enjoyed on the Saturday morning cartoons.

  4. Why are we our own worst critics...your quilting is Lovely...don't be hard on yourself..
    I'm sure who ever gets it will Love it.


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