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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Estate sale

The estate sale ad read, "Winthrop Harbor home with high end Asian art." The house is in the nicest subdivision in town. I didn't care about the Asian art, but I did want to see inside the house.  A crafter lived there. I didn't know her, but I certainly liked her stuff.

There was some fabric, but nothing that I felt compelled to buy.  There were three sewing machines. (Not photographed: an older Memory Craft, $300.00.)

I scooped this up for $10. It is a 48 x 15 machine-made lace runner of the 1933 Chicago World's Fair.  It was made at the  Zion Lace Factory .

 I got three never-stitched kits. I am unlikely to ever stitch them, either, but I will enjoy owning them. The tablecloth on the left is Belgian linen, 70 x 90. That's a lot of linen for $3.75.
 These Paragon kits (the two were in one package for $3.75) are "stamped on superb 100% cotton homespun."

I entertain the thought of using these fabrics--linen, homespun--in something collage-y.

The thread isn't anything special, but it was a bargain.

The Weave-It box says "made by Donar Products, Medford, Mass." See the metal washer-like thing in the box? It says it is a "pompon ring, pat. applied for." It is hinged, so I guess you wind yarn around the ring, then open the hinge.

In all I spent $25.00. Prices are reduced each day through Sunday. I'll be at the Really Big Quilt Show at Rosemont today, but maybe I'll got back to the sale tomorrow and get some rock-bottom bargains.


  1. I think you got a real gem with that lace table runner. Good finds!

  2. I agree with Auntie Em, the lace table runner is a great find. I know what I paid for a meter of linen in Bruge, Belgium, and it wasn't $3.75!!

  3. OMG! Great buys! But how much was the Singer treadle with all the cool decals???? Wish I lived closer to you, LOL!

    1. On Thursday it was $300. On Friday it was $225. I didn't go to the sale on Saturday I don't know if it was still there.

  4. Part of me wants to start going to estate sales just for the bargains. The other part of me says, really, do you NEED more stuff? And, heaven knows I have enough fabric for a while. And, as my stats show I do keep adding to it! The linen will be wonderful though.


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