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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

HeartStrings, 2015: dots, all right

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 Most of my fabric is sorted by color but some of the stash is sorted by genre.  I love polka dots (here and here) and I've acquired quite an assortment.


This box was begun when I cut strips for this jacket back in 2009.  I've used some strips and added more.
 Here are the same contents, pressed and rolled.
 One of my 2015 goals is to make 48 HeartStrings blocks per month -- enough for a basic HS quilt. I used strips from the polka dot bin. The centers and corners are from the polka dot yardage.

I assembled the blocks without putting them up on the design wall. I managed to avoid having two of the same strips adjacent.

Here's what was left in the bin.

The flimsy used 8 yards (counting the fabric foundations).


  1. Brava! Your first Heartstrings top of the year looks marvelously dotty!

  2. Beautiful colors in your heartstrings quilt! I love it!! I really like your goal to make 48 blocks per month. I used to make a block each morning, but got out of the habit. I was hoping to renew my motivation in 2015!

  3. Looks good, Nann! Always fun to see what you are doing.


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