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Monday, August 18, 2014

DWM: sleeves and labels

Another week flew by with little time in my studio.  I had four evening meetings last week -- guild board on Wednesday and interviews of applicants for the 2014 Zion-Benton Leadership Academy on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

However, I did get hanging sleeves and labels put on all the quilts I am entering in the NLCQG quilt show in October. (I am 2-1/2 months ahead of time!)  I am entering nearly everything I have on hand that isn't otherwise obligated.

Hanging sleeves are easy.  Cut fabric into 9" strips.  (Hint: bedsheets are good sources of long strips.) Sew strips into tubes. Press the tube so the seam is in the center. Pin the tube with the seam toward the quilt -- then you don't have to turn the tube inside out.

The labels I use most often are those I print from the computer. I use the "business card" template in Word and print 10 labels at a time.  I use a Pigma pen to add quilt name, date, recipient, or other relevant details. I make more elaborate labels for some quilts.
I "frame" the printed label on a piece of fabric and sew the frame to the quilt.  That's the only hand-sewing I do on a quilt.

If I can't keep myself from buying fabric the least I can do is buy bargains.  These pieces came from two estate sales this weekend.  The blue sheet was used as a drop cloth.  I can cut out the paint splashes. I love the blue/green print.  The Ralph Lauren sheet is queen-sized, package unopened.  $2 for the two!  The red fabrics total 3-1/8 and were $2, total.

P.S. I have a secret project!  I'm one of the participants in Quiltmaker's Back to School Party. I have finished the quilt I made from the fabric selection they sent me.  I am sworn to secrecy -- tune into the  Quiltmaker blog on September 1!

I'm linking up with fellow quiltmakers at Judy's Patchwork Times


  1. Such great deals you found!!! I love it when that happens :) Thanks for the info on how you make labels. For some reason, that is something I always put off - and I know better!!! Can't wait to see your surprise project!

  2. What a lovely stack of finished, sleeved, and labeled quilts! Nice work! When you print the labels onto fabric, are you using commercially printer-prepared cloth like Printed Treasures?

  3. Looks like you'll have lots of quilts to enter. Sewing on labels always takes longer than I think it should.

  4. Good for you for getting those labels on!

  5. Ahead of time? Is there such a thing? LOL not in my dictionary. I'm just now reading your blog post and I'm just as slow at getting quilts down.
    Good Luck in the show


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