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Friday, March 7, 2014


The Chicago Botanic Garden is hosting The Orchid Show through March 16.  Stevens and I went this afternoon, figuring that it would be less busy on Friday than this weekend.  I checked out a museum pass from the library to get a discount on parking (half off, it said) -- but the guard just waved us in, so we saved the full amount!

The orchids were displayed in three greenhouses (two "tropical" (humid) and one arid) and in the connecting corridors. They were glorious!  I can understand why people become obsessive orchid-growers. (Is anyone else a Nero Wolfe fan?)

reminded me of the Chihuly glass exhibit in Seattle

another Chihuly-esque haning

sort of like pansies, but they're not


  1. Hello, Nann. I love your photos of all the gorgeous orchids, they really made my day. My youngest son, who is now in college, spent years cultivating orchids we bought at a nursery in Bucks County PA. These photos brought back some good memories for me!

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