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Sunday, December 29, 2013

DWM: Solstice update and what became of those string blocks

 I've had a busy Christmas holiday! I am editing pictures and composing a post about our wonderful Road Scholar trip to Quebec (12/20-12/26).  I'll get it posted tomorrow, I hope.

Since we returned home late Thursday (actually early Friday: 1:05 a.m.) I've been catching up: laundry, mail, and Celtic Solstice.   (Plus a memorial service Saturday afternoon and a wedding Saturday evening.) Here are 82 units out of 100 for Step 4 and 51 units out of 100 for Step 5.

I left for Quebec with about 100 6.5" string blocks on the design wall. (See the previous post.)  I cut them diagonally and pieced the triangles into chevrons.  I've made a couple of quilts with this block design (such as this one  and this one).   I tried another arrangement, and this is the result. [I had to make more blocks -- there are 120 chevrons in all.] The flimsy is about 58 x 70 and used 5-3/8 yards.

I'm joining other quiltmakers for Judy's Design Wall Monday  and Bonnie's Mystery Monday Linkup . 


  1. I love the colour scheme Bonnie has chosen for the mystery. I love what you have done with your strings!

  2. Your strings are great fun and I admire how fast you've been able to catch up on the clues, too!

  3. Your mystery is looking good as are your strings!

  4. One of the thrills I get from following links on the Internet is finding sites that speak to me. I found this one through the HeartStrings Quilt Project and I'm amazed at the connections we have. Right now my comment relates to 3 dimensions. I noted in your string flimsies that some "blocks" pop into three dimensions and some do not. I find the former quite interesting. Any idea how and when the 3-d effect happens?

    1. Hello, Ms. Unknown -- Thanks for visiting. It seems to me that 3D occurs because of color placement. My only 'rules' were that two strips of the same fabric would not touch each other and I tried to have all dark strips on the outside. You've piqued my curiosity about other connections that we share (AAUW? P.E.O.? Libraries? other?) but since you're anonymous I can't write to you directly!

  5. Love, love, love your string quilt!

  6. Love your string quilt. Must try one in 2014. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love your string blocks, very nice. I am also enjoying your CS blocks, very nice fabrics!


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