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Sunday, December 8, 2013

DWM: parties, raffle results, thrifting, and CS Step 2

This past week was a veritable social whirl with two holiday dinners, a holiday luncheon, and a concert/group dinner.  I introduced two new-to-us passing games for the P.E.O. ornament exchange (Crossy and Lefty) and the quilt guild white elephant exchange (Santa and Lefty Elf), both of which were greeted with laughter and a few good-natured groans as the gift passing progressed. 

The AAUW holiday luncheon on Saturday included a silent auction. That's a nice way to say that we bring things we no longer want and buy them from one another.  (There are usually some great baked goods, too, and one member brings freshly-cut bunches of holly from her garden.)    I brought two good-sized boxes filled with junk intriguing artifacts, spent $6 on three small items, and had only three items unsold.  The branch president emailed us last evening to report that the auction raised $904.50!  
A Joyful Noise
In addition, we sold $400 in raffle tickets for "A Joyful Noise," which I made in March and quilted some months later.  The winner is an AAUW member from another branch who was delighted get my message that she'd won.

Our fundraising efforts support AAUW educational grants and fellowships and the Legal Advocacy Fund . Our branch also has a scholarship to the College of Lake County for a young woman entering a science or technology field. 
Ugly? Modern?
Two thrift shops happened to be on the route home from the AAUW luncheon, so I stopped.  Look what came home with me.  I got the green (twin) sheet at one thrift shop and the pink (double/full) sheet at the other. Both are all-cotton, from Pottery Barn. (I don't think I've ever been in a Pottery Barn store.)   This blue/white/gray cotton print is either a candidate for "modern" or "ugly."  Which ever, it's a definite bargain -- 2 yards for $1.50.

With all of this activity, there wasn't a lot of time to sew this week.   I finished Step 1 of Celtic Solstice on Thursday evening.  Here is Step 2 in progress.  (The QuiltvilleChatters discussed how to sew accurate diagonal lines. Note the painter's masking tape on my sewing machine insert. That's what works best for me.)

You can see what other quiltmakers are working on at Judy's Design Wall Monday . I'm also joining the Mystery Monday   linkup on Quiltville.


  1. Great fabric finds! Your quilt Joyful Noise is wonderful.

  2. chuckling,the blue dots make me think of very old sci fi movies and alien eyeballs!

  3. Still sounds like you got a lot done - even with all the activity!

  4. Love the sheet fabrics. Are they tightly woven like many sheets or more like our quilting fabric?


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