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Sunday, November 3, 2013

DWM: more stamps, a holiday banner, and the trimmings

October's end: golden oak leaves and roses (still!)
I had a pleasant and productive stay-at-home vacation last week. I made a list of things I wanted to get done (quilt-related and otherwise) and checked nearly everything off.  

My  P.E.O. chapter has an ornament exchange at the holiday party in December. I say that "ornaments don't have to hang on the tree" and make something quilty.  I went to Wal-Mart on Monday to get Hallowe'en candy and stopped at the magazine section. A pattern in the holiday special (Patrick Lose for Fons & Porter) caught my eye.  And here it is, appliqued, quilted, bound, and labeled.  It is 15 x 30.

The ornaments on the banner are "hung" with pieces of vintage rick-rack.

You can tell how old it is by the price (15 cents) and the fact that there is no zip code in the company address.  For years the Wrights labels offered "a generous package of clippings" for the child who sewed. I remember saving three labels but I never did send 10 cents (or 25 cents or more; over the years the offer was still on but the handing fee went up).  Did you ever send for the clippings?

I have acquired a lot of unopened packages of trims at house sales. Sometimes I use them, but mostly I just own them.  These metallics are shown in the plastic cigar box in which I got them. Boiltex was located in Aurora, Illinois.  (Information about the successor company is here.)

I added a new list on the right sidebar -- "blocks in search of a setting." This is a reminder (or nag) that hanging onto groups of blocks doesn't get any quilts made.  Here is what I did with 20 of the Prairie Queen blocks I made two years ago.  (See this post for the first quilt made from them.)  The checkerboard sashes include the ones that didn't make it two weeks ago. I had to make many more three-patch units. I assure you that they are a lot more fun when they are leaders-and-enders than when umpteen are made at one sitting.  (This flimsy is approx. 78 x 64 and used 3-1/2 yards of fabric. (I had previously counted the fabric in the Prairie Queen blocks.))

And, finally: here are my initial fabric selections for Celtic Solstice, the upcoming Quiltville mystery.
See what other quiltmakers are working on at Judy's Patchwork Times. 


  1. Your ornament wall hanging is adorable. Everyone will be envious of the person who wins that at the exchange! I love that you used the vintage rick rack--a perfect touch.

  2. I have a box of my mothers bias bindings and trims (she died in '79). Like you, I just enjoy "having" them and get a kick out of the prices.

  3. Great eye candy Nann! I have one of Patrick's earlier holiday mags and love what's in it but haven't made anything. (self reminder -- do NOT start anything new!) Your second Prairie Queen quilt looks fabulous with the checker board sashing. Great idea even if it isn't fun to sew them assembly line. Oh yes, I do like your colors for the upcoming mystery. I am "toying" with the idea but I haven't finished either of the other 2 I've started. One is a matter of borders, last year's is probably ready for the last section of sewing units before the units get sewn together. I probably shouldn't start but I like your colors...

  4. I have sent for trimmings from Wright's a few times when I was first married and making dresses for my little girls and their dolls. It was so much fun to see what I'd get and figure out how to use it. A couple of years ago I sent again, when I was making doll clothes for my granddaughters. Got my envelope back. I think it was marked "box closed." Too bad.

  5. My mother sent away for the trimmings and I remember using them to make doll memories!

  6. Fabulous 2nd Prairie Queen quilt! And you are so right to use all these collected blocks and sew them into tops! Sorry, no Wright past for me - haven't lived in the US long enough ;-)

  7. cute little winter hanging....i love those small fast finish projects!

  8. I have some of that old ric rac too....Your fabrics for the mystery look wonderful...My L/E project for the mystery is postage stamps. Sewing them into 4 patches. I have so many 1 1/2" squares, they must be multiplying while I'm not looking....Love your quilt, looks like it was fun to sew....


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