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Sunday, November 24, 2013

DWM: almost finished

Here's the Framed 9-Patch, all set except the borders. The coral setting triangles are a Jinny Beyer blender that I got at a sale this past summer. Unfortunately I didn't get enough for the border. I'm still auditioning border fabric. This one seems to have the best combination of light-but-not-too-light with some tan and some coral.  (Now that I look at it, I'm thinking about a skinny border of the print and a wider dark brown border.....)
[Can you spot my piecing errors?  I found them Monday evening when I started to trim the setting triangles. Look at the top row, three blocks on the right, and at the bottom left corner.]

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P.S. 2  This chair was at an estate sale I went to Saturday. The story is that the husband always put his clothes on this chair, so the wife used his ties, a suit jacket, and a shirt to reupholster it.     


  1. I love the pop of color in the setting triangle. I am not much of an orange/coral girl, but when I made an orange quilt for my son I seem to slip a few oranges (or hot pink) into more quilts for a punch of color. Love the chair!

  2. I'm all over orange/coral/pumpkin etc. Although, generally it is a shot of color rather than a quilt that is definitely orange. Love the chair. I keep thinking of reupholstering one of my rolly chairs with quilt blocks or some such thing. So far I haven't done it. I have 2 old ones that would be really cute with a splash of color on them. Heaven knows they don't roll really well so they need some redeeming quality!

  3. I agree you need something "heavier" to frame the quilt. Audition the brown; I think you'll be happy.

  4. The setting triangles are just the right color. I like your plan for the border, that print is just the right accent for a narrow border.

  5. Love the coral setting triangles and they set off the nine-patches perfectly. Agree that you need to have some thing else as your last border. That chair is just too much fun.

  6. You are on the home stretch with your fabulous 9 patches. The chair is special - knowing the story behind it even better. Thanks for sharing!


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