Saturday, September 28, 2013

Estate sale: the envelopes, please

I went to two estate sales today (Saturday). This was the last day for both, which had begun on Thursday, so there were bargains to be had.  The first was being conducted by the women of a local church on behalf of one of their pastors. He and his wife are on a long-term mission appointment abroad and they said they wanted to sell everything.  I didn't buy anything, but I reminded the women that the library would be happy to take any books, movies, or music that didn't sell.  Their eyes lit up!  And I expect one of them will pull up to the back door of the library with a car full on Monday.

The second sale was at the home of an AAUW friend, Louise G., who passed away three years ago this month. Her husband has moved to Michigan where one of their sons lives. I've been to many meetings at that house!  

The top row of pins recognize Louise's contributions to AAUW's Eleanor Roosevelt Fund. The two pins in the second row are for her gifts to her college sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. Though these are just thank-you-for-giving pins (rather than something valuable, like her Theta badge), I felt obliged to rescue them.  And they were only .50 each.

 I've been very good about not buying fabric, but vintage linens don't count, do they? The linen dishtowel is folded in half-- note the irony that it is "made in Ireland" and it depicts Buckingham Palace. The "new song" is a banner, also linen.

Christmas, birthday, all occasion!
And here is what I meant by the title of this post.  I bought ALL these cards at the sale -- many Christmas cards, many note cards, some greeting cards.  Most are fairly recent but there is one Hallmark Peanuts card that cost .35.   I wish I'd figured out years ago that such miscellaneous stationery was to be had at garage sales and thrift shops. Who on a Christmas card list will know that the sender's cards don't match?

Part of the stash

Mind you, I don't NEED more stationery.  My mother was a contender for Queen of the Little Note, and I inherited note cards, envelopes, postcards, and stationery from her.  I've added to the stash with other thrift/garage sale purchases.  

Paper....fabric:  I guess I'll get a daily dose of fiber one way or the other!

Hotel stationery


LizzyAstro said...

Lots of UK (linen) tea towels are made in Ireland - have a look at

Bonnie said...

I too love stationary. I've got some left over from my parent's house that I am slowly whittling away. And I do like to write a note every once and a while, especially with swaps....