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Sunday, September 15, 2013

DWM: Tote bag and bookshelf #31

I wrote that my quilting to-do list included a tote bag.  Rather than repurposing a vendor totebag (see here , for example), this one is made out of batiks and is adapted from a design by Heather Willms of  Hopscotch Quilt Shop . 

I used a technique I learned from another tote pattern. It results in enclosed seams. I think it's easier and neater than creating a separate lining that is inserted into the tote.
1. Piece the outside. 
2. Quilt the outside to the batting.
3.  Attach handles.
4. Put the resulting top/batting right-side-together to the lining.
5. Sew along the perimeter, leaving an opening for turning. 
(Be sure that the handles don't get caught in the seams.)
6.  Turn right side out. Stitch opening shut. 
7.  Sew side seams.  Create squared-off box bottom if desired.

This tote will be filled with advance reader copies and donated to Lake County CAP for their fall fundraiser.

Here is another project to check off my to-do list. This is bookshelf quilt #31, to be presented in a couple of weeks. I made the flimsy today (Sunday) in a concentrated afternoon and evening in my studio.  I have meetings MTW evenings so the quilting will come later in the week.

I'm linking up with Judy's Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday. 


  1. I had to enlarge the bookshelf quilt to get a larger view. Cute!

  2. Hum, I wish my bookshelves looked so cute! Another lovely job. Nice tote... I'll have to think about those directions though.

  3. Nice tote, Nann. I need to make myself a new one with pockets and velcro at top so things I carry won't fall out. I use your method or another method which results in french seams, including the lining.

  4. Your minimal instructions on the tote are really simplified which I like, thank you! The bookshelves are always such fun and different.

  5. I have wanted to do a bookshelf quilt since I started quilting. And I love your bag/tote. Thanks for the sewing plan.


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