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Monday, June 17, 2013

DWM: Progressive Swap

 The AAUW finance files have been transferred to me.  Two of the boxes are records from prior years and two boxes are supplies, in addition to a laptop and printer.  I'm grateful that the previous finance director had everything in good order. Next task is to set up so I can easily stay on top of things!

The Progressive Swap is complete. Lori A. asked for 9" blocks, each with "something" in the center, and sent a tan-with-swirl fabric to be used in each block. Since I'm the last person for this round there wasn't much tan fabric left. I turned to Marsha McCloskey's Block Party with 120 9" block patterns. (I made these: Turkey Tracks, King's Crown, Peaceful Hours, and Prairie Queen).
And here are my Progressive Swap blocks!
I sent red/white and green/white hourglass blocks as "seeds" for larger blocks. 

I put 'em all up on the design wall......

and here's a very rough draft. I think I will use light blue to sash/set/frame the blocks. I will need to rework the corners.  As I consider these design decisions, I think I will name it "Good Cheer," as in "Christmas comes but once a year and when it does it brings...." 

Thanks to my four companions in the Progressive Swap -- Lori A., Cassandra, Lori K., and Teresa!

I'm linking up with other quiltmakers at Judy's Patchwork Times.


  1. That setting is a great start! It will be a fun quilt.

  2. Cool blocks from your swap! Lucky you.

  3. Looks like you did great with the swap blocks and I really like your setting. And good luck with your new AAUW position. I don't think there is an AAUW group around me: I remember wishing I could join, when I didn't have a degree. And after I was too busy to remember that I wanted to. ;-)


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