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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Design Wall Monday: swap blocks and postage stamps

 A week ago the path to Dead Dog Creek ravine was still snow-covered and slippery -- too slippery for me to walk down without a walking stick. Warm days have melted nearly all the snow so today I could easily go down the hill.  The alligator still lies in wait in the woods. 

The skunk cabbages have come up through last season's fallen leaves.

 Back in the studio:  here are my contributions for two of the five installments of the Progressive Swap.  Lori K wrote that she has a stack of pine tree blocks and wants houses and stars to go with them.  She provided three different gray/white prints for the backgrounds.   Cassandra is working on a design with different sizes of blocks, all batiks.  Once I pull out the boxes of batik FQs and scraps it's hard for me to stop!

 Here's how my latest postage stamp (1.5" squares) project has turned out. The blocks are 5.5" unfinished. The orientation is supposed to alternate (horizontal strips, vertical strips) but now that I look at it, there are a few that flipped. (How does that happen? LOL!)  The flimsy is 51 x 56. 

See what other quiltmakers are working on at Judy's Patchwork Times.


  1. Postage stamp is way cool! I have a ton of little scraps. Yours is more controlled tha just randomness and I Ike that
    Good job

  2. You've been very busy. Love all the projects. As for precipitation of any kind...not happening here in central Texas....BooWhoo. We are high and very dry.

  3. Love your postage stamp project, very colorful!

  4. The postage stamp quilt is wonderful. I had to look up the skunk cabbage, very interesting. I'm going to to have watch and see if we have that around here.

  5. yes..waffles would be a great name for your postage looks fabulous

  6. Thanks so much for the house and star blocks. I was hoping I might get to see a preview on your blog! We've got a long weekend here in Massachusetts this coming weekend - Monday is Patriot's Day (and the running of the Boston Marathon) - so I'm planning on working on my next assignment from the Progressive Block Swap.

  7. Wow - this postage stamp quilt design is wonderful! I think have the inconsistent turning adds to the depth of the pattern. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Love your postage stamp quilt! I like those strips separating the blocks. Great pattern...and not quite as much cutting (lol) hugs, Julierose


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