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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Council Candidacy

Note: to continue the alliteration of recent posts, today's letter is C.
If you're not an ALA member you can skip this post. :)
Voting opened today for the 2013 American Library Association election.  I am on the ballot as a candidate for the United for Libraries  Division Councilor. 

As ALA's governing body, Council establishes policies and priorities, and approves the budget.  There are 180 people on Council who include the Executive Board, Chapter councilors (representing state and territorial library associations), Division and Round Table councilors (representing those entities), and at-large councilors (elected by all ALA members). I've served in all these capacities except as a Division Councilor.

A division councilor informs the division board of matters on the Council agenda, particularly those that may affect the division.

Here is my candidate statement:

“Good libraries create good communities. Good communities create good libraries.”  I have taken that statement to heart and I see it in action every day at my public library.  Library advocates and library practitioners share their love for libraries and know that libraries have the power to change people’s lives.  It is our collective effort delivers the library message to city halls, to state capitols, and to Washington.  Funding is essential and equitable access is critical.  ALA is the recognized voice for libraries and librarianship. ALA Council determines ALA’s policies.   I have served as a chapter councilor, at- large, and on Executive Board.  As UFL councilor I will speak for Friends, trustees, and advocates in the shaping of ALA policies to ensure the best library service for all. "

If you are eligible to vote for me, I would be most appreciative.  If not, but you know people who are (ALA membership + United for Libraires membership), I am grateful for your referral. 

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