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Sunday, March 10, 2013

DWM: Sunday sights, scraps, swaps, sashes, and stamps

The Sunday sight: a pair of cranes at Illinois Beach State Park.  They were right next to the road when we first saw them, but by the time I got the iPhone camera aimed at them they'd set off across the meadow.
Scraps: given to me at Wednesday's guild meeting by a friend who knows I'll be able to use them eventually.

Swaps:  fabric from my guild Secret Pal (top) and batiks swapped for polka dot fabric.  
These "Tam's Patch" black and white 8" blocks are my contribution to an upcoming BlockSwappers' exchange.
Sashes:   I put the pinwheel blocks up on the design wall in a couple of configurations.  The strippy setting appeals to me. I need to make 13 more green blocks.   
 What sashing fabric should I use? Here are the four I'm considering. 

And, finally, stamps:  the box of postage stamps -- 1.5" squares -- is getting full again. These blocks measure 5.5" unfinished.  I've just gotten started and there will be a lot more!

P.S.  I can't think of an "s" word for this:  I backed/basted/quilted/and bound this flimsy
this weekend!   2.5 yards for the backing and binding.

Thanks once again to Judy for hosting Design Wall Monday where you can see other quiltmakers' current projects.



  1. Love how you use all those scraps.

  2. I like the white fabric with the red flowers as the sashing for those pinwheels.

  3. Hi Nann
    I'm new to being a blogger myself very new only a few months and I haven't posted much lately.. Anyway I admire the craftsmanship of the art of quilting and also I learn so much from other quilters. I really like the "Spin" of those pinwheel blocks very festive. I really like the dashing choice to the upper right. Small colorful dots with white stars. It lets the colors of all those spinning pinwheels show their colors without hiding their value.

  4. From a distance, I like the 4th sashing choice best but close up, I like either 1 or 3. Dilemma!!
    How about Sassy for an s word? Great work - keep it up!!

  5. Love all the uses of your scraps. They do seem to grow somehow!!

  6. I vote for the last of the four sashings shown in the two pictures. I looks like it is red and ? I can't remember now. It looks like you got a lot done. Swank for an s adjective. saucy, slumberous, sluggish, sweet, sweaty, swirly, I could go on but am about to get ready to visit a quilt store!

  7. I like the first one, pinkish red, more solid reading than some.

    The last one makes them float, but I do like the one on the left.


  8. I like the clean look of the lightest stripping. Love the Tam blocks.

  9. Let me try again!! I like the darker sashing--it makes the pinwheels stand out. A medium dark TOT type. Don't you wonder if the cranes get cold feet? I know they don't--but I can't help thinking it!

  10. The comments prove the point of: beauty is in the eye of the beholder... everyone likes something different. Which do YOU like? I vote lightest, but that's just me. Lovely work!


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