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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Raffle Mania!

The Northern Lake County Quilters Guild has Raffle Mania at the January meeting. Members donate quilt-related items for a bucket raffle.  The items are displayed on tables with a paper bag for each one.  Members get free tickets based on their attendance and participation in the past year and they can buy tickets for .50 each. They can then drop their tickets in the bags for the items they most want to win.

I took a box full with two dozen patterns (the kind that come in plastic bags), assorted quilty gifts, and two bags of selvages.  I had a string of free tickets and I spent $15 for 30 more tickets.  I won more than I brought!   Here's what I got:
Panel prints, pieced.
2001 Joann's BOM. Four blocks made, the rest in the packages, including all the fabric to set the quilt. (IMO it's not a very interesting design, but the fabric is usable.
 Fabric!  I won five lots of fabric -- totalling approximately 21 yards. (Yes, I measured it when I got it home.)  There's white-on-white, cream-on-cream, FQs, strips, and some larger pieces.
102 3" 9-patches. A hand-piecing project, with squares cut for more 9-p's and muslin setting squares.
35 vintage Lemoyne Star blocks, hand-pieced. The woman who brought them said they're from Kansas.

What will I do with all of this?  My standard answer:  Own it!  (For now, at any rate.)


  1. Wow! What a haul - of some really great pieces for future projects. Guess I need to join a guild to clear out my items and to refresh them - in addition to the lectures of course!

    : )

  2. i agree, the Joann's BOM isn't very inspired. but, those hand pieced 9-patches and the stars are a wonderful find, if you like vintage.


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