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Sunday, January 27, 2013

DWM: hexcitement in Seattle!

My design wall is empty because I'm writing from Seattle where the ALA Midwinter Meeting continues with good sessions, good friends, good food, and lots of good new books.

I have made more than 100 large (7-1/2" +/-) hexagon "flowers" out of neckties.  I decided that it's time to start assembling them. I considered sorting them by color but decided to go with an eclectic arrangement.  I quickly realized that I should stick with four flowers at a time because more than that becomes unwieldy, especially when I have to juggle the stitchery with taking notes. (I *do* pay attention to the speaker!)

I don't know how many flowers I'll put together, nor what I'll eventually make, nor how I'll quilt it.

I discovered a big oops, however. Do you see the six flowers on the right? They are oriented a different direction than the others and they will not nest.  I need to settle on one direction and remember what it is. Otherwise I'll have to insert rows of hexes to compensate.

And here is a photo of the bathroom floor.

You can see what other quiltmakers are working at Design Wall Monday on Judy's Patchwork Times.


  1. Those are very rich looking hexies with all the texture from the ties. It is a fine traveling project, but so sorry the deviant six went astray on you! I hope all your connections are perfect for the trip home!

  2. Your hexies are really nice! I'm just beginning to make hexies so I've just learned something from you. Thanks for the education. Hexies are soooo fun!!

  3. Very clever idea, using old ties. I have a shoebox full of my husbands old tie I've been wondering what to do with them, I may just give this a try.

  4. I also had hexies with me at a conference last year and found I listened much better when I was working on hexies than after I ran out. Do you find the ties hard(er) to work with as hexies?

  5. Yes, I DO like your hexies so much more than when they are in 30's prints. i am thinking of putting it on my list. Will you set them with black? That's my plan.

  6. These are really pretty. I love how rich your colors are.


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