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Thursday, December 27, 2012

It followed me home!

This time of year many quiltmakers (and nonquiltmakers) are chatting about the need to simplify, which includes cutting down on the amount of stuff we have.   My efforts to destash and declutter can be summed up as "one step forward and two steps sideways."

I always have a Salvation Army donation box going and last week I dropped the most recent box off at the local store.  My husband did his part last week by deaccessioning 14 t-shirts. (When I posted that fact on Facebook, and mentioned that among the 14 was the t-shirt from the Three Dog Night concert that was the ALA Scholarship Bash in 2001, there were several comments to the effect of "How could he?  I remember that concert!" and "That's still my favorite t-shirt." I may have to rescue that one from the rag bag.)

I kept a coat and a dress of my mother's, thinking that I'd use the fabric for a memory quilt or something. It's been 10 years since she passed away and I haven't done anything with either.   I took them out of the closet when my sister and niece came for Christmas dinner.  My niece tried them on and they fit perfectly!  And so they went home with her. 

The coat is Ultrasuede, that "miracle fabric" of the 1970's. It is still very expensive ($69/yard at Vogue Fabrics).  Circa 1980 my mother found out about a factory in Chicago that made Ultrasuede clothing and had an outlet store (back when factory outlets were really at the factory).  She got this blue coat, which has a sort of ruffled collar and a self-belt (no buttons).
The dress is cotton. Mother made it about 1960.  There's a lot more detail in the pattern than I'd ever have patience to sew today, with an attached, pleated skirt and a shaped collar. She sewed all the buttonholes by hand because the Greybar sewing machine was straight-stitch only.

For her turn, my sister brought these pieces of Royal Copenhagen that Mother specifically left to her.  Mother inherited them from her cousin Savina.   My sister was willing to part with them because they don't go with her decor.  I remember Mother saying, "They're quite valuable."  I looked them up, and they are.   Though they do go with my decor, I would never use them for fear I'd chip them.  I'm going to try to sell them -- that's a 2013 project. :)

And finally:  here's what followed me home today.  This string quilt has a few ripped patches, but for $4.08 at Salvation Army I could not resist. I don't think it's a made-in-China cheapie (the fabric is too eclectic and the batting is heavy cotton).  It was a made-in-China cheapie and I gave back in a box of thrift-shop donations. There's a name tape label on the back: "G. Lemieux" but no date. 


  1. How nice that the items from your mom will still be in the family - for awhile at least! I also have items my mom made for me - but haven't found anyone who can wear them as they are too small for today's friends. I'm getting things in order to leave the house until summer - I will just box up and make my decisions on them later. We had some valuable items too - I turn those over to my DH to sell - not sure if he has or if they are boxed up now too!

    Boy, you are lucky to find such a nice quilt at the Salvation Army! Your new string quilt looks great. What a lucky find.

  2. What fun!

    We've been sorting over my mothers things for the past year. Much of it no one wants but they won't donate or burn it either...They seem to think I'm ruthless enough. But there the boxes sit in the garage...
    Sharyn in Kalama

  3. What a great "Quilt Rescue"! I wonder if you can consign to a big fancy auction house? They look like museum pieces for sure.

  4. Great stories, I love them :) What a lucky find on the quilt, I always hope to make such a find. How wonderful that the clothes found their "just right" home.

  5. what a stunning quilt to be able to find and acquire! thanks so much for sharing

  6. Lovely post. Nice that your Mom's things live on!

  7. Great find on that quilt! Good for you for rescuing it for such a great price!


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