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Sunday, December 9, 2012

DWM: Step 3, L&E, and a new project

Easy Street, step 3.  I think I've gotten the hang of using the EZ Angle ruler.

The estate sale fabric included a log cabin quilt in progress. There were 16 completed blocks, 9 small blocks that were assembled differently from the 16, some cut strips, a partial FQ of the red fabric, and an entire FQ of the floral (outermost strip). I thought the small blocks might be a border but there's not enough fabric to make more of them. The straight furrows set works best because the shift from light to dark is too abrupt to set them with lights or darks in the center. My stash turned up a medium-dark blue print (with little red cherries) that coordinates, but now I think that the 3" strippy border is not wide enough.....I realized that there is no urgency to finish this. It's only been in my possession 48 hours. I can let it sit.   (Can you tell that I didn't make these blocks?  The clue: they are all the same. My style is scrappy--the more fabrics, the better.)

 Here are my current leaders-and-enders. I have two boxes full of nickel squares, so called because they are 5". I pulled out all the reds. I cut 5" squares from white fabric (using up partial FQs and other scraps).  I paired red & white, cut twice diagonally, and sewed/pressed/trimmed.  I now have quite a stack of 3-1/2" units.  If I add green I'll have a Christmas quilt. If I add blue I'll have a patriotic quilt. Or I may use some other color.

The Sept./Oct., 2005, issue of Quiltmaker has a pattern called "Heritage Squares." The blocks finish at 4.5" (thus 5" unfinished). I thought this would be a good way to use up bits and pieces of batiks. The pattern calls for 132 blocks blocks alternating with 5" squares.   I don't know how many I'll make.  No rush on these.

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  1. Nice job, getting closer now!
    On the other hand I hate to see it end. :)
    Sharyn in Kalama

  2. Nann -- you get so much done and I know you work full time still. You are inspiring. I bet I play more computer games then you though! The log cabin is very sweet, but, you're right it really isn't your style. But someone will love to have that quilt some day.

  3. Love the layout for the log cabin blocks. Lots to see on your design wall this week.

  4. Leaders and Enders gets so much done with scraps that would otherwise sit in a box unused. Love your ES pieces.

  5. Looks like you have several things going. That is how I like to work but right now I only have Easy Street....maybe I need to dig into the UFOs to fill out my time.


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