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Monday, November 5, 2012

Easy Street: the fabric

Easy Street is Bonnie Hunter's 2012 mystery quilt.  Her colors are apple green, turquoise, and purple with a gray constant and black-on-white as an accent. 

Fat quarters + yardage
I have all the green, turquoise, and purple well-represented in my stash.   The instructions call for 2 yards of one gray, and I don't think I have 2 yards of a 'suitable' gray.  Fabric shopping is not a hardship! 

See? I really like the combination!

The first clues will be posted November 23.  I'm looking forward to this project! 


  1. Your fabrics are perfect! And it looks as though you might squeak by with just enough -- LOL!!! I'm not sure about my gray either, but I'm letting it sit for a while to see if I like it better as time goes on. If I see something better in the meantime I may change it out. I was happy to be able to pull all my fabrics from my stash this time!!!

  2. It's times like this that I miss being south and away from my stash!
    I wish I could play with everyone else......

  3. i like the way you have your fabrics organized. i might rethink my drawers here and go that route...easier to get at

  4. Can't wait to see yours! And believe it or not I sewed for about 1/2 hr tonight! (Well and spent some time this weekend cutting) for my Easy Street! First stuff I"ve worked on since quilt camp in Sept!


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