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Friday, October 5, 2012

With Liberty and bargains for all

I went to a fabric sale today at a church a couple of towns over.  The church women had been given the last of the inventory of Cotton Pickers, a long-established quilt shop that closed about 10 years ago.  "All fabric $2 yard, proceeds to mission projects."  I had a meeting early in the day so I didn't get there until 9:45.  That was just as well because I could not have coped with a greater selection. 
Here's my haul:  Hoffmans, Jennifer Sampou, Jinny Beyer, and more.

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I knew from the hand of the fabric that these five pieces were lawn, and I suspected they were Liberty, but the tags that fell out proved it.  I scooped them up.  (Two four-yard pieces and three yard-and-a half pieces.) 

I spent $284 for 142 yards.  Yikes!  But at the original price (circa 2000), about $7/yard, I'd have spent $994. And at today's cotton prices ($11/yard) I'd have spent $1562.  Plus sales tax.  (And that's discounting the Liberty.)   

And now, on the eve of vacation, here's my design wall:  very scrappy bear paws in progress.....Next post will be from California!


  1. I bow to the queen of the stash!! I was limited on how much to spend or I would have scooped up much, much more. But I'm very happy with my selections! 166 yards isn't anything to sneeze at!!

  2. With a bargain like that, how could you not?!! Loving the bear paws :)

  3. what a great buy and a good cause too, a win win situation for everyone
    can't wait to see more scrappy quilts from you!

  4. Wheee! I wanna shop where you shop! Congratulations on the great finds and super bargains. The scrappy bear paw looks like lots of fun colors!

  5. nann i loooove your math girl! and what a haul! and a scrappy bear paw! priceless! have a great vaca...


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