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Sunday, September 16, 2012

DWM: dots and scraps

Saturday morning was the 7th annual LibraryPalooza, our celebrate-the-library event.  There were 27 "discovery stations" where people learned about e-resources, programs, and other library services. Kids made treasure boxes out of old CD and VHS cases.  The "creme de la creme" used booksale was outside.  It was a grand day! 

I took two beach walks this weekend -- Saturday and Sunday afternoon.   On Sunday I went to a less-used stretch of our lakefront. Few people realize that the park district has a patch of beach between the north and south units of Illinois Beach State Park.  I had it all to myself!  (And the water is still summertime warm.)

Cake Stands
Bear Paws: a new quilt sprouts!

And, yes, I sewed!  I made more polka-dot Cake Stand blocks to go with those I received in the Bag Lady Swap.  The idea for the string-pieced setting triangles came to me in church on Sunday morning.  Divine inspiration?  **If anyone has suggestions for the border, let me know!**

I have a box of 2.5" half-square triangles made as leaders-and-enders.  I received a package of 4.5" half-square triangles from the Block Swappers.  These units are the basis of the Cake Stand blocks and I decided to see what would happen if I sewed them together.  And so another scrap quilt is born! 

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  1. love, Love, LOVE your polka dot cake stands. I'm stealing this idea for the brown bag block swap at my guild in January. Are yours 6" blocks? And love the next quilt --- I'm so into the concept of using up the spare half square triangles. And both of these quilts would be great at that! Thanks for sharing...

  2. Your baskets are stunning but I am not sure that it even needs a border. The setting triangles bring your eyes to the baskets and I like it just the way it is.

  3. What a great idea for setting triangles. They tie all the fabrics together so well.

  4. I agree with Sarah. I don't think it needs something for a border. And I like it just they way it is. Not that a border would "ruin" it.

  5. the mini cake stand blocks are adorable! Combining the two sizes makes it really cute.

  6. Love both of your scrappy quilts! And I agree that the basket quilt doesn't want a border.

  7. gorgeous blocks...if that were mine, i'd use a narrow border to frame it, then a string border like bonnie has on her tulip strings quilt...i'm so taken with that border and it would be perfect on this quilt...just my 2 cents...

  8. I'm tickled to have a glimpse into your design process to see one quilt sprout another. Both quilts look very successful!


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