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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Design opinion, please!

Here is the border-in-progress for the batik squares quilt.  The piano keys units are 1.5 x 6.5, sewn into 6.5" blocks. As you see I have almost enough for the border.

I think that piano keys this big overwhelm the center blocks.  I can cut them down, of course. 

Would it be better if I cut the piano keys in half?  (Don't worry, they're just folded in these photos!)  I do NOT want to buy more fabric.  I have three batiks that could be used as frames.  Maybe.

#1 -- purple with turquoise
#2 -- red circles
#3 --  blotchy purple tone-on-tone

What do you think?


  1. Actually, I like the first one, without the separating strip.

  2. They are all pretty but I like the last one best I think.

  3. Whatever one of the three colors of piano border "surrounds" you choose, THAT will become the color of the quilt. So keep that in mind.

    Personally, I love red quilts, so I like the red the best! However, I disagree with you that they need to be lopped off to a coin-sized version.

    Please consider putting a red border on first, and then just the full-sized piano keys with a red binding.

    Having said all that, it is your quilt! And your best design option is to sleep on all the information and then look at it with fresh eyes. It will be an exciting quilt!

  4. my suggestion is cut the piano keys in half and use the blotchy purple. i think that looked the best. but i love purple, so probably a bias

  5. I agree with Vic. Add an inner border, then the full sized keys. Gorgeous!

  6. I like the piano keys left longer in photo 1. Pretty quilt!

  7. I am with Katieinnebraska, I like the piano without the borders or separating strip. I don't think it overtakes anything at all.
    Terri xx

  8. I think the keys are just a little too large, so maybe trim them to 4 1/2", but like Katie, I think no inner border...the setting triangles separate the body from the borders just fine.

  9. I really like the main body of your quilt. It's bright and happy. I think #1 & #3 fabrics seem to dull down the quilt. At least on my monitor. So my fabric choice would be #2 red. And I like 3 kats idea of cutting the piano keys down just to 4½". And whether you enclose that strip or leave it and bind would look nice either way.

  10. I like the original version best, with no separating strip. If you go for the strip, I like that last one best, but I would like a less busy red better, just to confuse things further ;-)

  11. I do not think the piano keys is too much - but I'm not seeing it in person. If you think it's too big, I like #1 the best.

  12. butlI think the piano keys are just right without the added breaks of color.

  13. I love your batik patchwork. I would like the piano keys cut down and without any separating strip or additional borders. Just the smaller piano keys and binding. Can't wait to see what you do! Sally in sc


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