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Monday, May 28, 2012

DWM: garden, Memorial Day, and "disappearing" samples

We have two rose bushes.
The one in the front had hybrid flowers until DH trimmed it so aggressively that he cut below the graft --now it's "natural." The one in the back yard is a rambler that, if not trimmed, will shoot out long stems. 
Our U.S. flag was a wedding gift. It flew over the U.S. Capitol. (Here's how to get one: A couple of years ago I heard an NPR story about the guys whose job it is to hoist flags up and down over the Capitol all day. 

The peonies
this year!!

At the NLCQG  meeting next month I'll give a demonstration on "disappearing" blocks.  Here are my samples for disappearing 9-patch and disappearing 4-patch.  D9P designs abound, and after I finished these samples I got a message that the Block Swappers   are doing a "double D9P" swap.   I don't know if I'll have time to work up a sample of that one. 

D9P:  upper left -- started with 3.5" mini-9p. The others are all from the same block: I used 3" squares to make black-centered blocks. (7.5" fin.)   I love the way the mini- 9's turned out--the skinny strips are just 1/4". 
D4P: left -- 5" squares.  Top: 2.5" squares.
Bottom: 4" squares.  (BTW, that Nile Green is genuine vintage cotton sateen. There's a little label pinned to it that says "5 yds $4.25.")

See what other quiltmakers are doing this holiday weekend at Judy's Patchwork Times
Another 'volunteer' iris!


  1. Love these samples...I have to try some of these blocks in mini!

  2. We sure miss peony bushes; they won't grow here in Phoenix. Your are wonderful.

    I like your samples for "altered" blocks. Theya re fun to do and sometimes very surprising.

  3. Love your samples. I love D9 patch but I'll have to try some of yours.

  4. Love your samples. I love D9 patch but I'll have to try some of yours.

  5. What cute little quilts - I'm going to have to cave in and make a D9Patch! Yours are so pretty.

    Garden is not too bad either. 8-)) I used to live south of Chicago, in Matteson, about a million years ago. At that time it was country - not now. 8-))

  6. Love your samples of disappearing quilts. I need to try the 4 patch version... done the 9 patch a couple of times.

  7. have fun in my neck of the woods. Ann is right about Marriner's compass in Bath, also Cottonweeds in Freeport. Two great shops.

  8. Love your DNPs. It's my favorite block to do for kids charity quilts. And I like seeing all the combinations: mine never turn out the same even though I don't plan it that way. ;-) Would love to see what a double DNP is.

  9. such inspiration, great time seeing all your creations

    Heather in wi

  10. Love your samples. On Stashbusters you mention a disappearing rail fence. Do you have any examples or even just directions for that? I'm deconstructing a donated quilt - version of rail fence - and would try any option to enhance it.Thanks.


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