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Sunday, March 4, 2012

DWM: quilting designs

Nine Patch Cross: continuous curves
As I posted last week, I've been on a get-em-quilted binge. Since December I've quilted 15 flimsies and I've had 4 flimsies "sent out" to be professionally quilted.  These photos show some of the quilting.

I hate to mark. One reason is that many years ago I had a couple of bad experiences where marking lines just did not come out. (I even tried carpet cleaner on one quilt to no avail.) 
Ohio Stars: loopy flowers
Another reason is that most marking requires deciding on the quilting design before basting. I find that I figure out how I'll do the quilting while I'm basting. 

Visit Judy's Patchwork Times  to see what other quiltmakers are working on this week.    
Loose Coins:  straight lines and bubbles

Homespun Heartstrings:  meandering

Rusty Bows:  big and little loopy flowers


  1. Well you have just been a quilting machine, good for you!! I agree completely on the marking. It's just not fun no matter how you slice it. Your quilting looks great. I really love the homespun strings.

  2. Wow, you've gotten a lot done in just a few months! Great work.

  3. I agree with you that sometimes the quilting ideas change after you have marked and it is hard to change your brain to go different from what you see printed on the fabric.

    Looks like you are pretty creative with how you quilt - you will get more creative the more you do it and won't have to mark.

    Good job getting your flimsies quilted - keep at it! :)


  4. WHOA! Good job. I like your free motion designs, especially the loose coins. I rarely mark either. When I do, I use chalk it has always come out - so far!!

  5. Although I got here from DWM--your posts about libraries caught my eye. I remember the last 60's and early 70's--my grandmother and I would go to the library (20+ miles one way) for books. I have one of the oldest library card #'s there. LOL I had read so many of the books I had a hard time finding new books to read. trip was at least 10 new books.

    I still read--but now use a kindle. quilt magazines and books are just something you need "in print"! hard to prop my kindle open on the cutting table!

  6. 15 quilts done since december...?? amazing. Good for you for finishing. Of course, quilted quilts take so much more room... Keep it up... you might end up with nothing to quilt! Then it'll be back to piecing for you.

  7. Well, I am impressed. I don't have 15 flimsies but the 5 I do have will now be giving me the evil eye. I really love your plaid quilt: a great use of that fabric.

  8. I like your straight lines and bubbles. I'll have to try that out. I also don't mark my quilts - not sure I could follow my own lines!


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