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Friday, October 21, 2011

Sneak preview

Quilt in progress! I woke up from a nap to realize that I had this quilt all laid out in my imagination.  Would that all designing came upon me so clearly.  The Bear Paw blocks have I Spy novelty 'paws.' This is my first try at  Tonya's letters and those shown may be a rough draft. There's more to come.


  1. What a cute way to make an "I Spy" quilt. I like Tonja's way of making Letters too!

  2. Oh, I like the colors, the blocks, the "I spy" fun, the letters. What's not to like? This will be a quilt to enjoy by Miss Sophie as well as her parents.

  3. it's adorable nann...and a super job with the letters. i have to get that book!

  4. Absolutely darling, Nann! Your letters are do not need to change a thing!


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