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Sunday, October 9, 2011

More sisterhood, and Mizzou revisited

Sisters together! Alex, me, Mari-Anne

 Johnston Hall, my dorm (fall semester, 1970).  I knocked on the door of Room 111 and surprised the current occupant by saying, "I lived here 41 years ago. Could I take a picture?"  What could she do but agree?!  (It looks smaller than I remember.)
Stewart Hall (where the Library School shared space with Geography and Herpetology)
Leandra and I had lunch and a lovely visit

Leandra's garage is her studio

With one of her surface-design baskets

908 Curtis--the former AGD house

1313 University--summer apt. upstairs, 1973

The obligatory picture of Jesse Hall and the Columns
Jesse Hall's tile floor...there's a quilt design here!

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