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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dead Dog Creek Ravine, end of July

This is month 10 of a year-long documentation project.  At the end of July, on a hot and muggy Sunday afternoon, the ravine is lushly green.  Damselflies flitted everywhere but were too quick for my camera.
 The path to the ravine. (Compare it to the first post).

The creek.

Erosion is evident after July's torrential rain.

This tree fell across the path. Its roots are still connected; this is new growth.
It doesn't take the squirrels long to sample the black walnuts.
May apple

Jerusalem Artichokes (helianthus tuberosus)

Queen Anne's Lace has been in bloom all month. It still looks pretty

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  1. This will make an interesting nature introspective. There's a wonderful park/lake walking distance from my home, and I hardly ever get there....


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