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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bears and Packers!

May 20 update: the Bears quilt sold for $1100 and the Packers quilt sold for $350 at the golf outing!

"Let's capitalize on the Bears/Packers rivalry," said Gary, the chairman of our Rotary Club Golf Outing. We were talking about ways to maximize the proceeds from the auction at the banquet that concludes the event.  "Nann, could you make a Bears and Packers quilt?" After more discussion--Mike B. said, "I wouldn't have any Packers stuff in my house!"--I said I'd make two quilts.
I have been on a strict no-buy diet since November.  I knew I would have to acquire Bears and Packers prints.  What to do?  I swapped fabric with another quiltmaker and got two yards of Bears fabric.  Alas, no one offered to trade for Packers fabric so I had to go to Joann's and, gasp, buy fabric.  (On that trip I got 7-3/8 yards: Packers, plus a yard each of gold, green, orange, and blue.)  Fortunately that one trip did not break my will and I went right back to no-buy.  Whew.
Here are the results:  quilted and bound.  The golf outing is May 20 -- so I am 7 weeks ahead of the due date! 

The Bears quilt is made from this pattern:   Saddle Tramp   It's 63 x 72.
The Packers quilt is my own design -- 12" Ohio stars.   It's 64 x 76. 
Bears block closeup.  9" stars.

Packers block closeup. 12" stars.


  1. What a great fundraising idea! The quilts are terrific. Hope you make lots of money! (Might they reimburse you for the fabric outlay?)

  2. How very generous of you! They are lucky to have you working with them....

  3. Nann, these are really good quilts for fundraising-you're generous with your 'free' time, after work, etc.

    Congratulations on your not-buying-fabric challenge. I've made 6 lap quilts and many small pieces from my stash of small leftovers. Liberated patchwork has inspired me to make better use of my scraps.
    Your quilts-like your liberated houses-inspire me to do more with my scraps. Thanks!

  4. Nice job! I'm using some old stash up and it feels good.

  5. LOL....
    Making two separate quilts (despite the extra time involved) was DEFINITELY the way to go :0) With such a rivalry, having the "other" colors in your team's quilt...**shudder**
    Of course, up here (northern Wisconsin), the Packer/Viking rivalry is a bit more extreme than the Packer/Bear rivalry :0)

    I LOVE the Packer design :0) Way to mix in tradition; it's a perfect fit.
    {{Oh, and the Bear one isn't bad either---but I think I'm partial}} :0)

  6. Great job on both quilts. Hope you raise lots with these quilts.

  7. They're both looking great! Hope the rivalry brings lots of extra bidding at the auction :)

  8. What a fun event! And you are way ahead of schedule! I love your whole post!

  9. A great fundraising idea! How wonderful that you had the vision and time to carry it through. Hats off to you! The Rotary Club is lucky to have you.


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