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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard: the next day

bliz2011-930am[1] [640x480].png
Shows the snowfall totals.  About 21" here in the Harbor.

The driveway (from the open garage door), 8 a.m.

Roof drift!

Inside the garage (door is on the east side).
Our new mailbox!


  1. That is really an impressive drift in the one photo taken toward the street!

  2. Inside the garage thru the door? I've never seen that! Like the new mailbox - but does the mailperson come down your street?

  3. Wow, thatsalottasnow! Enjoy your snocation cuz one day, you'll have to go back to work. Pooey.

  4. My first thought was, you need a tighter seal on the garage door. LOL. Next was, I'm noticing no ice dams. Lucky you! Of course, we don't have the winds blowing it into those drifts! Good luck!

  5. The snow in the garage is too funny! Our mailbox was filled with snow!


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