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Saturday, October 30, 2010


As I mentioned earlier, this summer we had a vegetable garden. It was the first since we've been in this house (2003).  Because I planted it late I just grabbed seed packets at the nursery so we had nice string beans and snow peas, TREMENDOUS cucumbers, and slow-growing carrots. The basil, sage, and mint (all from setting plants) were lush.  There were four different kinds of tomatoes, planted WAY too close, but oh, so abundant!  Delicious in salads and out-of-hand.  The freezer is stocked with tomato sauce and many packets of pesto.

The first frost was a couple of days ago, so Stevens pulled out the tomato vines and dug up the carrots. I made a green tomato pie yesterday and there's a green tomato cake in the oven now.

A bounty of green tomatoes!

There were a few almost-red tomatoes left.  The basil had been nipped by the cold.

Slow-growing but soooo sweet.

And next summer?  We're going to enlarge the garden plot!

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