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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sawyer Pictures

Sawyer Pictures are hand-tinted photographs of scenes in northern New England (New Hampshire, mostly, and also Maine).  I discovered them at a shop in Brownington, Vermont, in 1998, and bought "Sunset on the Kennebec." 

For a product that was fairly widely distributed (think "quality souvenir"), apparently not many were purchased by Midwesterners because I haven't found them at sales or in shops in this area.  Today I found another one at an estate sale in Highland Park.  The man said, "It's a watercolor. $45."  I said, "It's a hand-tinted photograph.  $40."  He made a show of putting a jeweler's loupe to his eye. "It's a watercolor," he insisted.  I said, "Well, then I'm not interested," and began to walk away.  His daughter said, "Oh, Dad.  We'll take $45 for the picture and these other items." (A cookbook, one of L. M. Alcott's romantic thrillers, a box of vintage thread (the spools are labelled Willcox and Gibbs), and a box of contemporary notecards (c1996).)   The dad was not pleased, but I was.  And now "Crawford Notch from the Crawford House" joins "Sunset on the Kennebec." 

There still isn't much online information, but I found   this Wikipedia entry.
The new acquisition: Crawford Notch from the Crawford House

Sunset on the Kennebec

P.S. Here's the thread. The spools are about 1" high.


  1. I love this type pictures. They are just comforting. Good for you for holding out and good for the daughter for speaking up.

  2. Something else to collect besides fabric....good for you!!


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