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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A little bit liberated

I'm not quite as free-form as others on the Liberated Quilters list are, but every so often my projects go in that direction.   The scrappy patches were leaders-and-enders over several months.  I emptied the shoebox of 2" squares!  I wasn't going to add a border, but with so many seams at the edges of the blocks I needed something to stabilize the perimeter. The yellow fabric (with red apples) adds a nice contrast, I think.  Blocks are 9" and the top is 66 x 66.

(Sorry about the crooked picture!)


  1. Very nice. I'm really liking yellow and red together...

  2. Great quilt. Leaders and Enders soon build up, don't they.

  3. love it! the red and yellow sashing are wonderful! The colors of the blocs really dance.

  4. It is a wonderful quilt. Very bright and cheerful.

  5. What a happy quilt! Your border is perfect. L & Es are a great way to work toward a donation quilt, IMHO, though I'm not implying that yours will be donated.

    Barb in MI/FL


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