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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's National Library Week

Pyke Johnson, Jr., wrote this poem, which was published in Connecticut Libraries in the 1970's or early '80's.
[For National Library Week]
Take a Librarian to lunch.
You know that she deserves it.
Ascertain her favorite food,
And find a place that serves it.
Seek out, too, an ambience
That you are sure will suit her.
Some place that bans all little kids
And where there’s no computer.
Serve her with her favorite drink:
Champagne? Or something diet?
And make it clear that, at this meal,
There are no rules on quiet.
Ask her to tell you of her job:
Which books are circulating?
Which patron said what funny thing?
You’ll find it fascinating.
But do leave promptly when you’ve shared
Good talk and drink and food.
Librarians must be back when due
And may not be renewed.
N.B. Nothing her should be construed as precluding the taking of a male Librarian to lunch.

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  1. nann, thanks for mentioning NLW on your blog. as one who grew up in libraries and still goes regularly, i cannot extoll the virtues about this wonderful public resource enough. seeing my own child learn to read and having her grow up a reader also really made my heart soar. i still read voraciously, as do my mom and daughter, as well as borrow DVDs, mags, CDs, etc. i'm on your bandwagon big time!


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