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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Batik Bars: done, done!

I pieced "Batik Bars" in March, 2009, and quilted it last week.  It's 78 x 82. I used variegated thread to quilt loopy swirls in the body of the quilt, my 'trademark' parallel zig-zags on the inner border, and perpendicular parallel lines in the outer border.  The quilt will be raffled at the AAUW-IL state convention at the end of April.  (Proceeds will benefit Waukegan Area Branch projects and the AAUW Funds.)


  1. AAUW will love your quilt, Nann; lots of raffle tickets will surely be purchased. Sounds like fun.
    Kathleen in CT

  2. I's beautiful. Love the bright colors.

  3. what a WONDERFUL Work Nann..... i Love IT

  4. your batik is gorgeous; but i've never really seen a batik quilt that wasn't. all it requires is a simple pattern and the fabric does all the work....beautiful!

  5. Is this a bought pattern or one available on the internet? Love it!


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