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Sunday, July 5, 2009

BOBbing along....

I made a list of five things to accomplish in my studio this weekend. As of last evening I finished them all!
* Label and attach hanging sleeves to my contributions to the Chicago-area librarian/quilters exhibit that starts at Northeastern Illinois University later this month (and will be at my library after that)
* Make the guild block-of-the-month (due at the August meeting)
* Make more hexagons for the ongoing English paper piecing (see last blogpost)
* Finish quilting the strippy scrap quilt I began earlier in June (all I had to quilt were the borders, then bind it; the flimsy was created a couple of years ago)
* Finish the BOB!
Word of explanation: the Sew Many Swaps group has an annual Bag of Blocks (BOB) swap. Participants send the hostess a bag of quilt blocks that they haven't gotten around to setting; the hostess swaps them out for someone else's bag of blocks. The challenge is to figure out a way to set the blocks and add a border or two. I got L's blocks: 10 of them. I couldn't arrange them in a way that pleased me, so I asked L if I could disassemble them. She said yes. The photos show the before and after.


  1. Your BOB disassembling/reworking is a masterpiece....very clever!

  2. I love the transformation! (Sheila in Ohio; imagine two Sheilas posting?!)

  3. ooohh, nann, niiiiice! look terrific!

  4. I really like the BOB thing. Nice, very nice work.

  5. Hello Nann.... its me, Helen from the 'Pies... just had to leave you a comment to say what a great job you have done with the BOB quilt - what a lovely transformation - smashing!


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