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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Really Big Quilt Show report

Julie and I spent yesterday at the RBQS at the Rosemont convention center. This was the 7th year of the show. I went in 2003 and 2004, but have not been able to attend since. The quilts on exhibit were stunning . (Photos of them are posted elsewhere -- check as well as other people's reports . Surely there are a few Flickr photo sets by now.)
We met our Baseball Swap friend Alice, the proprietor of Della Jane Hand Dyes ( and closed up the show with her. By 7 p.m. the place had about one customer to every three vendors. We enjoyed dinner at Harry Caray's, and had our photo taken with his likeness.
I was Very Good and didn't buy very much, though the vendors certainly had wonderful wares. My purchases:
* 6-1/2 yards of fabric: some reproduction shirtings, double pinks, and cheddars (plus an irresistable bronze); 3 fqs of black-on-black; and--the splurge--DaGama cottons from South Africa in red and chocolate. (I love, love, love those DaGama prints! (
* Two full-price garment patterns. (One of which is a master pattern for multiple designs.)
* 10 patterns for $20--the vendor (wholesaler of Schmetz needles) had bought the inventory of a pattern distributor (I figure that it's better to spend $2 than full price for a pattern I may not make ).
* Kai scissors, which cut slippery fabric with ease. (Thanks for the recommendation, Dawn.)
Now, Sunday: a rainy afternoon, perfect for sewing!


  1. Nann, My sister has made some of those brooches and I thought she was crazy. Too picky for me and most of my zippers are not metal. She LOVED making them...I should just send her all my metal zippers but then it wouldn't be much of a challenge. They are beautiful though, Thanks for reading AND commenting.

  2. Yup, you just got to love those scissors! And of course I drooled on the fabrics!


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