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Saturday, February 21, 2009

An apron for a bee? Something's brewing @ the library

Last evening I made an apron for Sting, the library's bee mascot. Sting will be in the library lobby to promote our cafe. Not too long ago drink-and-food were strictly prohibited in libraries. Now that water bottles are ubiquitous, and that ours is a caffeinated nation, we allow covered beverages in the reading rooms. The library is nowhere near any place to get coffee. Patrons have had to bring their own or do without -- until next week, when the cafe opens!
I found the perfect accessory in my box of vintage kitchen linens. The red-and-white checked towel looks just right on his arm.


  1. So what will your cafe have to offer? MY DH's library now has coffee machine and drink and snack machines but I don't think they have pastries as such. I'm not sure how it is working out, especially since it is a part of the newly renovated part. I am just old-fashioned enough to worry about spills, crumbs, etc on the new carpeting and upholstered furniture. College kids are not the most respectful of furniture, etc!

  2. Nancy, we'll have coffee, tea, and cocoa. No food, however.

    And the Bee has been christened: Bee-Rista (as in barista).

  3. Our library allows covered beverages too and there's a coffee shop in the same building -- I love it. I got spoiled when all the bookstores had coffee shops and it's great that the library does too.


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