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Friday, August 29, 2008

Quilting update

(1) A bookshelf wallhanging for a coworker who has just received her MLS. The pattern is by Christine Thresh ( I've made it many times, though of course no two wallhangings are alike because of all the novelty fabrics and embellishments.
(2) Our guild had an orphan block challenge. We were invited to bring in orphan blocks (I took in a big stack) and then take some. I took just one, made four more, and created this 50 x 50 quilt. We are to bring the completed projects to the September 3 meeting. They'll be given to charity. I really like the autumn colors!
(3) This is what 366 Heartstrings blocks look like! I made one-a-day. This being leap year, that's 366. They busted 60 yards of stash. Seven 48-block quilts and one 3o-block quilt will use them all.


  1. Both the quilts looks great. 366 HeartString blocks - WOW!! Big congrats on reaching that milestone :)

  2. I love the library quilt - I keep meaning to put one on my list to do.

    That's a BIG stack of blocks ~ I'm looking forward to seeing the quilts as you get them made.

  3. You inspire me to pick up my "365 blocks" again. It seems forever since I've done any.

    But, I just have to say how much I love the quilt you made from the orphan block. It makes an intriguing pattern. Lovely library quilt too. I always thought I might want to do one.

  4. I love how your orphan block challenge turned out! And boy I love your strings!

  5. I love the varied output - I have long planned to make a goodsized "bookshelf" featuring my book group's choices but must shift some UFO's first. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the string blocks.

  6. 366 blocks? Wow! (Did you really piece one a day? I never have enough self-discipline to do that. I would probably piece a month's worth at a time!)

    Love the quilts, too.

  7. Making a block every day is such a good idea! Did you every work ahead or fall behind?

  8. OK, now I have to make a bookshelf quilt. I honestly think it is my favorite quilt of all time. My husband liked it, too.

    (Can you tell we're book junkies?)

    And it's a great stashbuster, too. I'm already thinking of any material I have that would make a cute "bookshelf" item.

    Thank you for sharing.


  9. It'd be fun to print some dewey numbers on fabric to applique on the bottom of each book... and embroider some E's and J's too... :)

    Congrats on the 366 blocks!


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