Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cream Crush

Here is a rather crooked picture of my Cream Crush quilt top. I used only two of the fabrics I bought in England (the green in the spinning stars and the orange circles in the album blocks). The border fabric was purchased with another project in mind. I think it works very well here (and there is lots left over to use in that other project.)
When I put the blocks on the design wall I wasn't wild about the effect. Now the assembled top reminds me of an elaborate tile floor. This was great fun to do!

Friendship and Quilting

(I didn't bring my Featherweight for nothing!)

(All of us)

(Stage set for Prairie Home Companion)

(Sunrise over the Organ Mountains)

Two weeks ago I was hurriedly preparing for PieFiesta Dos in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This was the biennial gathering of the Magpies, who met on the internet newsgroup rec.crafts.textiles.quilting in the late 1990's. This was our fifth large-group meetup since the first PieFiesta in 1999. There were 15 of us this time, some new to the gathering, with a 40-year age span, coming from east, west, south (and four of us from Illinois). We talk online every day so seeing one another in person just continues the conversation of a few hours before.
We laughed. We ate (yumm) and drank (margaritas!). We toured (some went to White Sands, some went to the NM Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum). Three of us went to see A Prairie Home Companion (conveniently at NMSU that Saturday). Some of us sewed. We all shopped!! And, all in all, we had a wonderful time enjoying one another's company.